Cleaning Master Review – An App to Boost Your Smartphone Speed

If you are an Android phone user, you must have experienced lags on your phone, no matter how powerful it is. Even if you have bought the latest flagship with killer specs, Android, and smartphones, in general, will slow down in the future (which is not too distant, by the way!). For that inevitable downfall, here is a new app that has come around in the Google Play Store, that will save our smartphones. The name of the app is Cleaning Master.

How does Cleaning Master work?

Cleaning Master is a one stop solution for all problems related to Android phone or tablet running. Its performance tuning ability makes your Android device run smooth and effortlessly. The app cleans RAM and all other junk files that clog the phone. A significant advantage is the fact that even after providing such useful services the Cleaning Master app is only 2 MB. It consumes much less memory space than other such big-name cleaning tools.

On top of RAM and junk file cleaning, the app comes with battery saver and internet connection refresher. The display is very simple and efficient. With a speedometer-like display consisting of three dials a Free Storage dial at the extreme left, the Memory Boost in the middle and the Used Storage at the extreme right. The background is green and beneath the dials are four more functions that the app undertakes, namely the Task Manager beneath which is the Battery Booster opposite to which is the Network Booster. The Junk Cleaner is nestled just above the Network Booster.

The RAM cleaner or Memory Booster function looks after all the background processes. It stops all non-essential processes thereby freeing memory and improving performance. The power drain is also curbed.

The responsiveness of the device and issues with lags and crashes is looked after by the Junk Cleaner. It scans all apps as well monitors junk files in the system and cache of the phone. With a single tap, it is cleaned leading to the phone being free and clear to provide optimum performance.

There is also the Task Manager, which is instrumental in helping the phone run without any obstacles. The Task Manager helps you take the running of the device in your own hands. You can manually kill off all processes and apps which are not needed and seriously hindering the phone’s performance.

Cleaning Master Verdict:

The Cleaning Master is the new app on the block that helps in running Android devices seamlessly. It is similar to all other cleaning apps especially the Clean Master but a crucial difference is that it accomplishes all the functions that it is supposed to while occupying very little space in the memory.

How to Download the Cleaning Master app:

If you are thinking this app is good enough to use then here are the simple steps to download and install it:

  1. Go to Google Play Store on your Android device. – Cleaning Master
  2. Type in the app name in full.
  3. Hit Search.
  4. Click on the app and download it.
  5. Install it.

As soon as you are done your phone will be up and running like never before. If you are facing issues with mobile data and cannot directly download on the phone, just download the Cleaning Master apk on your computer and then install it after sending the file to the device via USB cable or Bluetooth.

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