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I suppose you all are aware of the global video-sharing website YouTube. It has such a huge fan following across the globe that I don’t think so it requires any formal introduction. However in short and simple words, YouTube is a global video-sharing platform headquartered at San Bruno, California. The YouTube platform was established on 14th February 2005. The contents that are publicized on this platform are mostly put up by individuals. However, certain media corporate giants like BBC, Hulu, and entertainment channels like MTV, Channel V also promote certain segments of their TV series. The YouTube platform mostly focusses on popular video clips of movies, songs, TV soaps, animes etc. The list is endless.

Accessibility to Youtube:

Gaining access to this online video-sharing platform is quite easy. This website bestows you with the daily dose of entertainment. From movies, songs to cartoons, this site has it all. However, there are many of you whose access to this entertainment site is limited to only laptops and PCs. Even if you possess a smartphone, it might happen that the app is not installed in it. Won’t it be nice if you could install it on your Android sets? Well, if you can get this application installed on your Android phones and tablets, I’m sure the boredom of bus and train travel won’t bother you much. You can enjoy your favourite content whenever you feel like. You don’t need to depend on your desktops.



A cleaner layout- The layout of this video-sharing platform has been given a much cleaner representation. The upgraded version has been cleared off all the junk comments. Now, you won’t be bothered with those spammy comments that keep on creating a hindrance between you and the video. 

Issuing of subscription notification- Good news for the die-hard fans of entertainment channels. Now you can stay updated with the subscription notifications that will be issued by YouTube to you. So from now you won’t be missing out on your favourite shows. 

Home Tab for personal recommendations- You can always browse through the home tab for your personal recommendations. 

YouTube is kept updated- This video-sharing platform doesn’t let you miss out on anything new. You can always get to see fresh content from your favourite soaps and films. 

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 The inclusion of the new type of cards- There’s no reason to think that this platform is meant for common people like you and me. Of course, you can create your own video and get it uploaded over here. The updated YouTube has introduced some new cards which will help you to get your content promoted on a wider scale, will help to raise funds and merchandise. The new card that has been created is termed as the Channel Card. It helps you to link the videos to other channels so that your creation gets promoted on a broader stage.


Lean Back- It has been a very recent incident that this video sharing platform has introduced this brand new feature of lean back. This feature allows you to enjoy your desired content at the tap of your finger. Such contents are mostly the previous ones which you have already watched. So there lies no need to hunt for newer videos. You just can “lean back” and enjoy! 

YouTube Charts- Ok, now this is a special addition to this video-sharing platform. The selected videos are arranged in the form of charts. The arrangement of the videos is done on the basis of views. The maximum number of views get the maximum popularity and hence are placed at the top of the charts.

Edit your own videos- You can now upload and edit your own video with the help of filters and doodles. Give a boost to your creativity by creating a different video altogether. The good news is that the above-mentioned feature is present in the updated YouTube app.

YouTube app Download:

The upgraded version of the YouTube application is available at the Google Play Store for Android user. Just search for the app ob the search button and get it installed for free on your Android sets.

Line of Caution:

Sometimes the upgraded version of this application just lags a lot which might create a hindrance for you. Else the YouTube application is just too good to use.


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