Dropbox for Android: Everything you need to know

Dropbox is considered as one of the most broadly used online cloud storage service. It is basically a file hosting service instrumented by the American Company Dropbox.Inc. This cloud storage service offers file synchronisation, cloud storage, personal cloud and client software. In plain and simple words, it is basically the place to keep videos, documents, files, and photos. The files and documents that are stored here are backed safely and you can easily get access to them from any device. The best part about this device is that you can easily send files from your Dropbox account to anyone, even if that person doesn’t possess any.

Characteristic features of Dropbox:


It is a simple, magical folder that synchronises everything you put up in this cloud storage service. Before 2007, file sharing and file syncing was such a tough thing to do. But, thanks to this wonderful app that has made these works quite simple. Well, you must be surprised if you dig into the characteristics of this application:

  • The application lets you edit Microsoft Office files from smartphones and tablets.
  • You can easily send large files to others and for that, you don’t require any email attachments. Moreover, there’s no need for the receiver to have any Dropbox account. 
  • Sharing this application’s folder is too easy a task. You just need to right-click on any file or folder and then send  an invitation to the concerned person to share the folder or just the link to the file. 
  • This app lets you add comments to your files. In order to do so, you just need to right-click on the desired file of the app’s folder and click on the comment option. In  order to check the application, you just need to open Dropbox.com. You will get to see a preview of the file with the comment box just adjacent to it.
  • Dropbox’s file preview tool comes as a handy feature for previewing tens and thousands of files on the online platform. You don’t require to install any external software for this. What you need is just a browser.
  • This cloud storage service offers you the quickest way possible to edit the Microsoft Office files for free on the online platform. It lets you edit the office files without downloading any copy from MS Office.

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Methods to get more storage space on your DropBox account:


You can always create an account in this magnificent cloud storage service. You can create an account by just visiting the official page and fill in the details. It’s free of cost. The free version comes with only 2GB storage space which I think is just not done for most of them. I’m sure that you must be looking out for ways to increase the storage space. Here are some innovative ideas which you can follow: 

  • If you can shell out money then definitely sign up for the Dropbox Pro account. It’s gonna give you a storage space worth of 1TB, which is actually a huge space for your files and folders. 
  • You can always refer your friends and family members. The app’s basic account will let you add 16GB storage space. The calculation goes like for every person, you’ll be getting 500MB space. 
  • On completion of five steps on the Get Started page, you are rewarded with a 250MB space.
  • If you can connect your social media handles to your Dropbox account, you can get up to 125MB for each of your social media profiles.
  • Say something about the services of Dropbox and there you are bestowed with another 125MB space.

Download Dropbox app from the Google Play Store:

As of 5th July 2016, this cloud storage service has been upgraded to version 10.2.4 . In order to download this version, you need Android versions of 4.1 and above that. Download the app from the Google Play Store for free. This Android application is easily available on the store.

Areas of improvement:

Dropbox is more or less a decent application, but the thing is that some extra clients are taking up more space than the actual files. Moreover, the application needs a thumbnail view option for folders and pictures. A password time-out would also be a better option. A fingerprint support is highly required.

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