Download Pokemon Go on your iPhone: Start the hunt!

I have to admit and I must surrender to the growing popularity of Pokemon Go. Right from its release on 6th July, this free-to-play gaming application has created a buzz in the gaming zone. Speaking about this extraordinary gaming app, Pokemon Go is a reality game designed by Pokemon Publishing. The game has been crafted to be operational both on Android and iOS platforms. The game contains some of the mind-blowing features, the reason for its immense popularity. It has got a free download application which allows the users to get the game downloaded without shelling out any money. However, it contains certain in-app purchase. It has a digital storage locker that comes in the shape of a ball. These balls are used by the players in hunting down the virtual Pokemon by aiming at them at the correct time with the correct force. One can easily play this game without these above-mentioned features, but the inclusion of these attachments help to make the game more interesting.

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Pokemon Go

Interestingly, this is one such game that can’t be played anywhere and everywhere. If a user is not a resident of USA, Australia, or New Zealand, then he/she is obstructed from being apart of this game. From 4th March 2016 to 6th July, the game has managed to get admittance only in three countries. With each passing day, the demand of getting this game n official status is rising so much that the engineers are having a tough time in fixing the server issues. I feel that the Pokemon Go app has attained more popularity than the anime that used to be telecasted during the 90s. Well, it would be better for me to stop beating around the bush and focus on the main topic of concern. I’m sure many of you possess iPhones and are craving to download this gaming app. Good news for those who reside in the locations of those three countries. If you happen to be a resident of any of those countries, then you can easily download the app from the App Store. Else you need to follow these steps:

Pokemon GoDownload Pokemon Go app on your iPhones:

  • Your first step is to log out of your Apple ID. The main motive behind doing so is to make your device trust that you reside in a location ¬†where the Pokemon Go app is applicable. In order to log out, you need to tap on the Apple ID option and click on log out.
  • In the second step you ned to select your language and place. Make sure that you select USA, Australia, or New Zealand as your location. I hope you can understand as to why am I asking you to do so!
  • Navigate to the App Store and look for the gaming application. You might require creating a new Apple ID if your phone disagrees to pick a free application to download.
  • Once you have created a new ID, you can readily download and install the application on your iOS phones. The ultimate thing that you need to do after the Pokemon Go app gets official in your location is to log back with your Apple ID and get the app reinstalled.

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