How to Download Pokemon Go gaming app?

In my previous article, I had spoken about the apk version of the Pokemon Go gaming app. Since the gameplay has not been made official at the Google Play Store, there are many who have gone completely clueless about the ways to download Pokemon Go in their devices. Developed by Nintendo, this free-to-play gaming app is the first and foremost introduction into the world of reality apps. The gameplay that has been institutionalized on 6th July has found its place only in Australia, New Zealand, and in the US. So it has been made official in the play stores of these countries. But, there are many who are on the lookout for methods to download Pokemon Go.

Download Pokemon Go

Download Pokemon Go on your Android devices:

You wouldn’t need to worry about installing this gaming app on your Android gadget if you would have been a resident of the US, Australia, or New Zealand. Since the gameplay is officially made available in these locations, you can easily get it downloaded on your Android and iOS Phones. Well, does that mean that people residing outside these locations would be temporarily barred from getting the app installed? Not at all! There lie certain innovative methods to download the app. If you are residing in a country where the Pokemon Go app hasn’t been made official, just download the apk file. Now, you must be wondering as to how to download the apk file of this gameplay. It’s easy. Just follow these steps:

  • First of all, you need to allow your Android gadgets download and run applications from external sources. In doing so you should be extra cautious. Make sure that you are installing the right kind of file.
  • Move on to the Settings option from the Home Screen of your phone.
  • Come to the Security option. If you scroll down, you will get to see an option which says “Unknown Sources.” Tap on it in order to enable this external source.
  • Next, you need to download the apk file of Pokemon Go.
  • Make sure you have an Android set which is of and from 4.0 version.
  • After the download is over, navigate to the notification area to get the gaming app installed in your device.
  • Congratulations! The game has been successfully installed on your device.

In order to know about the apk version of this gaming app, you may follow our article Download Pokemon Go 0.29.0 apk

Download Pokemon Go

Download Pokemon Go for your iOS devices:

Apart from Android devices, there are many who use iPhones. Luckily, the gaming app is available at the App Store. But, then if you are a resident of a location where the downloading of this gaming application hasn’t been made official, then you need to get it downloaded separately. Follow these steps and get Pokemon Go app installed in your iPhones.

  • Firstly, you need to log out of your Apple ID. It’s very important for you to make your iPhone believe that you are present in such a location that allows you to install the game.
  • In order to sign out from your Apple ID, you need to visit the Settings of your iPhone. Click on the “Apple ID” followed by “sign out”.
  • The next step will require you to play a trick on your iPhone. For this, you need to get back to the Settings option followed by General. You will get an option to select your language and location. Set the location as Australia, New Zealand, or the US.
  • Go to the App Store and look for Pokemon Go. In certain cases, your iPhone might disagree to choose a free application to download. If such a case arises, then it’s a good idea to create a new Apple ID. Make sure that while creating a new Apple ID, you should opt for an Australian, New Zealand or US address. Don’t know any? Google is there at your service!
  • Finally, your iPhone is ready to install the gaming app. You can always log back with your Apple ID once the Pokemon Go app gets an official authority in your location. 

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