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Hello, everyone! I’m sure you all have heard about the launch of the latest free-to-play gaming app Pokemon Go. The Pokemon Go app has been developed by Niantic and has received an official launch in the gaming market of NewZealand, Australia, and the US. This super exciting hunting game has been composed by Junichi Masuda. The game is available in both single and multi-player modes. Crafted for both Android and iOS platforms, Pokemon Go app has already received a thumbs up from its users. Aren’t you interested to know the story behind the development of this gameplay? In the next column, I have penned down a brief description of the history of this app.

The story behind Pokemon Go app:

Pokemon Go appSatoru Iwata of Nintendo and Tsunekazu Ishihara of the Pokemon Company conceived the idea of this game on 1st April 2013. After a couple of years, Ishihara announced the game on 10th September to Iwata. Unfortunately, it was a posthumous announcement as Iwata had already breathed his last a couple of months back. Niantic laid the announcement of a Japan-led beta test which scattered through Australia, New Zealand on 7th April. On 16th May, the US joined the beta test. Although the gameplay has received the official download status in only three countries, there lies huge strain on its server. Thanks to the escalating popularity of this game. What we get to hear is that the release of the game has been stalled in other countries for the time-being as the engineers are busy in fixing the server issues.

Characteristic features of the Pokemon Go app:

Pokemon Go app

This particular gaming app is infused with certain interesting features that have made the game gain popularity within such a short span. Let’s take a look at some of these interesting features:

The inclusion of Pokestops and Gyms- These are original locations meant for the players to collect items and battle out the creatures that are abandoned by other trainers.

Scope for interaction for players- The updated version which is only a few days old provides the players an opportunity to interact with each other both in the virtual and real world.

The presence of scoreboard– The mobile version of this game marks the presence of a global scoreboard. The scoreboard will let the players keep a track of the scores and position of the other players.

An improved augmented reality technology- The game boasts of an improved augmented reality technology. This technology makes use of the phone camera to give the feeling that Pokemon is available at your home, riding your bus etc.

How to play Pokemon Go?

This game allows you to fight, capture, train and trade the false Pokemon who marks its presence throughout the real world. In order to start the game, you need to first create an account for yourself. You can choose your get-up on the basis of gender, hair, skin colour, and costume. Your avatar will be made available at your current location.The location also includes Pokstops and gyms at popular meeting joints like places of worship, markets etc. You need to move around the entire location in order to move your avatar. While encountering a Pokemon, you can either view it in the Augmented Reality mode or with the help of a pre-rendered background. In order to capture a Pokemon, you need to throw a ball at it with the correct force and at the correct time. On successful capturing a wild Pokemon, you will be awarded candies and stardust.

Download Pokemon Go app on Android:

As I have already mentioned previously that this gaming app has been officially released only in Australia, New Zealand, and the US. The game is not available at the Google Play Store for Android users. What you need to do is to download the apk file of this gaming app and get it installed from the external sources of your Android phone.

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