4 Reasons to Have Cinema Box HD in Your Phone

If you’re a movie lover and enjoy watching blockbuster movies then I would probably advise you not to miss out this great app which is made available for you on your smartphone to be installed. There are much more varieties of apps created to provide great experiences in viewing movies but the Cinema box (more at cinemaboxhddownload.com) has been successful enough to stand out upfront within all of the other apps. The cinema box provides a wide range of special features included in this app attracting millions of users from around the globe. Movie viewing has not been so easy and quick like this before.

Guaranteed safety and its free

Ever had doubts about installing a movie app? Well, it’s natural to have this doubt since almost 50% of apps out there could be bringing viruses to your phone, tabs or iPad. But the cinema app is considered special and outstanding due to its special concern in protecting your devices from these viruses. The cinema box is 100% safe to be installed. As all good quality working apps are utilized through payments the cinema box once again gives you a great experience in providing it free for you.

Be updated and aware of getting the best

The cinema box also comes with another great feature by providing daily updates and brief information about the latest blockbuster movies and news about popular stars. So if you are a movie freak I bet you would probably fall in love with this app from the very first day installation. Many more similar apps to provide you with updates, but they all come into your view through an ulterior motive of putting you into a payment mode to view the latest blockbuster movies. As mentioned above the cinema box app will probably be the most outstanding movie app from the rest.

No hesitations with language barrier

Talking about movies only may have put us into a breeze of imagining that this app only provides movies in English. But it’s not true. Once again there comes an amazing feature of this app which provides subtitles to all languages broadcasting movies from all around the globe. Indeed it is a great feature providing more exposure and opportunities for film industries around the globe. So even if you are not aware of the language, you wouldn’t have to worry since the cinema app would provide you with full and clear subtitles from the beginning to the end of the movie.

Your kids could enjoy too

Be fair to all, kids also love to watch movies, but being cautious about what they view is also another point for parents to consider about. Many parents personally download movies for their kids so that they are aware of what they watch, but the cinema box app provides and option for you to enable the kid’s mode in order to provide protection towards what your child May view in your absence. This mode supports kids only to search related movies according to their age and would not be supporting adultery movie searches at any given time when kids’ mode is being activated. This is absolutely a great feature of this app which would probably make you want to install it right away. Well, if you haven’t you better get the best of it right away.

Best Movie Streaming Apps To Download in 2017

Below are top movie streaming apps’ features to give you the information for a quick decision to know what to install. Please have fun with our list and let’s know if there is anyone you would like to see if not in the list.


ShowBox HD app provides an excellent way to watch cool movies on your Android phones. It is one of the best utility to stream live TV programs and videos on your Smartphone and have fun all day long without restriction. When you think of watching movies without a break, think showbox for the show!


  • Amazing HD quality videos and movies on devices with high-density support
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Great navigation and perfect user-friendly interface providing cool way to select your movies
  • You can stream and watch your movies from source or download the link as preferred

PlayBox HD

The rave of the moment I like to call PlayBox because you will find this app so fantastic to use, especially with its CinemaBox version that gives you everything you need for watching films and other entertainment programs online. PlayBox is pretty cool way to have fun on your mobile and never get a dull moment once with your mobile and PlayBox DH on it.


  • Get it free without troubles
  • Find more updates and quality programs to see
  • It’s for everyone; your little kid sister is also supported, haha!
  • You can stream movies without networking
  • Multi-language subtitle
  • Apple TV, Chromecast, WiFi sharing

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time debuted about a year and a half ago with great promise to take its place in movie streaming resource. The pretty good promise hasn’t failed today. For the best TV free show viewing without worrying about buffering to watch latest movies, Popcorn Time is the real deal.


  • Watch movies anytime with internet connection
  • Great movies and high-quality serials to choose
  • Best quality movies in HD screen
  • Find your best movies fast with awesome catalog
  • Get latest movies list on your home page for easy viewing
  • Watch movies when you need it without limitations
  • Watch and download movies free of charge
  • Seamless upgrade of latest movies when you are online


This is a leading online for streaming movies site. It gives you free access to stream movies on your mobile device with unlimited movies and TV shows. You will find Crackle on Play Store and Apple App Store for convenience installation. Due to geo-restriction, you can’t download the app in India.


  • Regular new movies and TV shows update
  • Unlimited movies and TV shows streaming
  • It runs on popular platforms
  • You can find preferred movies by artist, categories, and genre
  • Get monthly user on demand content

Tubi TV

This is one of the best movies streaming apps of our time. You can stream more than 40,000 movies and TV shows at your convenience right on your mobile phone and tablet.


  • Amazing collection of TV shows and movies
  • Decent high-quality picture
  • You can collect the movies to watch
  • You get “Not on Netflix” and “Highly rate on Rotten Tomatoes” category on your mobile
  • You can find movies by genre, categories, and name
  • You can see new films weekly


With these 5 amazing movies and TV shows streaming sites on your mobile, the world is in your hands; rock it with passion!

How to get unlimited gems and coins in any game with lucky patcher

For all of us, where gaming on Smartphone is a part of the daily life, it feels very disturbing to know that your game will be halted slowly at some point of time for the need to gems or coins. The only plausible solution that comes to the mind is the fact that you need to wait till all the gems and coins come to you naturally. But we all know how painful the process is. What if I told you that using an application called the Lucky Patcher, you can ensure that your supply of gems and coins are always healthy. Well, it is true, with the help of Lucky patcher; you can patch up your favorite game at ease.

Lucky Patcher is a very useful tool that genuinely allows you to patch up your favorite application or your favorite game, thus allowing you to access all the paid features of the game at ease. The fact that Lucky Patcher works completely well with non-rooted devices certainly gives it the edge over the other applications in the market. The issue that nonrooted users might just face sometimes will be with the installation of the application. The Android operating system more often than not tries to withhold the installation of patching applications. In case, you are a nonrooted Android Smartphone user; you do not need to worry. Simply restart your device and try again. Let us take a look at the actual steps to how to get unlimited gems and coins in any game with the lucky patcher.

How to get unlimited gems and coins in any game with lucky patcher

Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is download and install lucky patcher on your Android Smartphone.

Step 2: Once done, open the application and select from the list of application, the application that you want to enable free in-app purchases.

Step 3: Once you are here, you will have to create a patched apk of your application. Before initiating the patching process, you will have to select what kind of patching you are looking for.

Step 4: Once done, go to the location of the patched game apk and install the patched file and uninstall the old version of the application.

Step 5: Now, open your favorite game, and click on add gems or coins. Select the number of gems or coins you need and continue through the process. You will have your gems and coins in no time.

Lucky Patcher is undoubtedly the best application with regards to creating patched up versions of your favorite games. The application not only allows you to get unlimited gems and coins in your games but also allows you to use many paid features of premium applications as well. The Lucky Patcher application is certainly the complete package that you need in case you want to take your Smartphone to a new level altogether.

Cleaning Master Review – An App to Boost Your Smartphone Speed

If you are an Android phone user, you must have experienced lags on your phone, no matter how powerful it is. Even if you have bought the latest flagship with killer specs, Android, and smartphones, in general, will slow down in the future (which is not too distant, by the way!). For that inevitable downfall, here is a new app that has come around in the Google Play Store, that will save our smartphones. The name of the app is Cleaning Master.

How does Cleaning Master work?

Cleaning Master is a one stop solution for all problems related to Android phone or tablet running. Its performance tuning ability makes your Android device run smooth and effortlessly. The app cleans RAM and all other junk files that clog the phone. A significant advantage is the fact that even after providing such useful services the Cleaning Master app is only 2 MB. It consumes much less memory space than other such big-name cleaning tools.

On top of RAM and junk file cleaning, the app comes with battery saver and internet connection refresher. The display is very simple and efficient. With a speedometer-like display consisting of three dials a Free Storage dial at the extreme left, the Memory Boost in the middle and the Used Storage at the extreme right. The background is green and beneath the dials are four more functions that the app undertakes, namely the Task Manager beneath which is the Battery Booster opposite to which is the Network Booster. The Junk Cleaner is nestled just above the Network Booster.

The RAM cleaner or Memory Booster function looks after all the background processes. It stops all non-essential processes thereby freeing memory and improving performance. The power drain is also curbed.

The responsiveness of the device and issues with lags and crashes is looked after by the Junk Cleaner. It scans all apps as well monitors junk files in the system and cache of the phone. With a single tap, it is cleaned leading to the phone being free and clear to provide optimum performance.

There is also the Task Manager, which is instrumental in helping the phone run without any obstacles. The Task Manager helps you take the running of the device in your own hands. You can manually kill off all processes and apps which are not needed and seriously hindering the phone’s performance.

Cleaning Master Verdict:

The Cleaning Master is the new app on the block that helps in running Android devices seamlessly. It is similar to all other cleaning apps especially the Clean Master but a crucial difference is that it accomplishes all the functions that it is supposed to while occupying very little space in the memory.

How to Download the Cleaning Master app:

If you are thinking this app is good enough to use then here are the simple steps to download and install it:

  1. Go to Google Play Store on your Android device. – Cleaning Master
  2. Type in the app name in full.
  3. Hit Search.
  4. Click on the app and download it.
  5. Install it.

As soon as you are done your phone will be up and running like never before. If you are facing issues with mobile data and cannot directly download on the phone, just download the Cleaning Master apk on your computer and then install it after sending the file to the device via USB cable or Bluetooth.

Playbox – An Android App that Allows you to Stream Movies for Free Online

The Android platform is the way of the future. In many ways, it is way more intuitive, innovative and novel regarding approach than the iPhone ever was. With enhanced features, faster and more stable performance, accessibility and facilitation of usage, Android devices are gaining a reputation as being the best and most effective ones in the field. It’s no wonder that the number of users associated with the platform is increasing at a phenomenal rate with each passing day.

One of the best aspects of the Android operating system is the vast and diverse choice of applications that are associated with it. These apps have something to offer for everyone. There is a huge selection of games for the slaking of every gamer’s needs, social media apps, training apps like cooking coaches and so on. Also, the best part about these applications is that they also include certain ones that allow users to connect with the music, videos and entertainment based outlets of their choice.

If you are from amongst the countless others who are discombobulated by the prospect of finding an appropriate app for satiating your movies streaming needs, then PlayBox for Android is for you. It allows users to stream movies, old and new alike, on their devices for free.

PlayBox for Android is one such application and has managed become one of the most eminent and workable ones associated with media streaming and downloading. For those of you that are unaware or have simply no heard of PlayBox…….listen up. PlayBox for Android offers the very best in streaming services and capabilities. With Playbox for Android, you can download the latest TV series and Movies to and stream them on your device. All you need to do is download PlayBox and install it on the device of your choice, say a Tablet or Mobile Phone. What makes PlayBox so appealing and different from other such contemporary apps is the fact that in addition to downloading the best movies and TV shows, you can stream them on your device in HD format. That is simply awesome right. Just imagine, you can download the series of your choice and watch it at your leisure and convenience in a format that is crisp, sharp and extremely well defined regarding resolution. The resulting effect will be tremendously satisfying indeed.

Certainly with PlayBox (Exception in case of Megabox HD App), you get the complete package for getting your entertainment based needs fulfilled at one station. PlayBox is the utter and consummate solution to your streaming needs and allows you to view the coolest movies and the most demanded shows in a format that is so fabulous that you get to enjoy every single frame. PlayBox comes jam-packed with great and attractive features and is sure to be a hit with every age group. Combine this with a fast paced and extremely responsive interface and you got a hit on your hands. So for all of you that haven’t checked out PalyBox yet, what are you waiting for? Go and download it today.

Reference- playboxhd.org

Focusing on Moments, Facebook scraps Photo syncing feature of Mobile app

Facebook has decided to do away with their photo syncing feature from their mobile app and are pushing it’s users to the moments app. It announced this would happen, early December 2015 and on Jan11, 2016 the plan did spring into action as the feature is shut down permanently from the flagship app.

“We are phasing out Facebook’s photo syncing feature. Photo syncing is an opt-in experience that syncs photos taken on your mobile phone to a private section on Facebook, viewable only to you, where you can view or post the photos if you choose. The feature was launched in 2012 when people took photos on their phones, but still posted primarily from computers.”- A Facebook spokesperson stated in a press conferance.

Facebook has done this so users can turn their focus on ‘MOMENTS’, the social networks standalone photo sharing application. The application has tighter security when compared to Facebook photo sync. It has features of private sharing, facial recognition etc. Users also can tag their friends in certain photos and sync these photos in their own collection. This is a very easy way for the user to keep track of photos that they have taken.

Facebook is now focusing on this new app and thinks that it could be the next big hit app for Facebook. It has been already sending out notifications to download the ‘MOMENTS’ app to its users. Something similar was done in the case of the’ messenger’ app when the same social network ripped out messaging capability from its main app last year. Users were asked to download the  messenger application for a mobile chat, which resulted in the messenger app being the most downloaded application on any store.

‘MOMENTS’ has been creating quite some noise after its introduction by Facebook. At present, it is in the top 10 list in the Google play store and ranked number three in Apple Itunes app store. This is all because of the promotion of the application that is being done by Facebook to popularize it.

Though as of now ‘MOMENTS’ have replaced photo sync around the world, in some regions of Europe, Facebook has been prevented to release the app, as these regions have tighter security rules concerning facial recognition. Most probably the photo sync feature will remain in these regions, as reported by TechCrunch.

Facebook’s push of their private photo sharing app ‘MOMENTS’ will make the application face Heavyweights like Google Photos. Google lets its users upload full sized photos while Facebook compresses them to as small as 720 pixels. But Facebooks has the advantage of tagging the photos with the users choice of people. The spot for top private photo sharing application is still up for grabs as the users decide which app to go for.