Download Pokemon Go on your iPhone: Start the hunt!

I have to admit and I must surrender to the growing popularity of Pokemon Go. Right from its release on 6th July, this free-to-play gaming application has created a buzz in the gaming zone. Speaking about this extraordinary gaming app, Pokemon Go is a reality game designed by Pokemon Publishing. The game has been crafted to be operational both on Android and iOS platforms. The game contains some of the mind-blowing features, the reason for its immense popularity. It has got a free download application which allows the users to get the game downloaded without shelling out any money. However, it contains certain in-app purchase. It has a digital storage locker that comes in the shape of a ball. These balls are used by the players in hunting down the virtual Pokemon by aiming at them at the correct time with the correct force. One can easily play this game without these above-mentioned features, but the inclusion of these attachments help to make the game more interesting.

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Pokemon Go

Interestingly, this is one such game that can’t be played anywhere and everywhere. If a user is not a resident of USA, Australia, or New Zealand, then he/she is obstructed from being apart of this game. From 4th March 2016 to 6th July, the game has managed to get admittance only in three countries. With each passing day, the demand of getting this game n official status is rising so much that the engineers are having a tough time in fixing the server issues. I feel that the Pokemon Go app has attained more popularity than the anime that used to be telecasted during the 90s. Well, it would be better for me to stop beating around the bush and focus on the main topic of concern. I’m sure many of you possess iPhones and are craving to download this gaming app. Good news for those who reside in the locations of those three countries. If you happen to be a resident of any of those countries, then you can easily download the app from the App Store. Else you need to follow these steps:

Pokemon GoDownload Pokemon Go app on your iPhones:

  • Your first step is to log out of your Apple ID. The main motive behind doing so is to make your device trust that you reside in a location  where the Pokemon Go app is applicable. In order to log out, you need to tap on the Apple ID option and click on log out.
  • In the second step you ned to select your language and place. Make sure that you select USA, Australia, or New Zealand as your location. I hope you can understand as to why am I asking you to do so!
  • Navigate to the App Store and look for the gaming application. You might require creating a new Apple ID if your phone disagrees to pick a free application to download.
  • Once you have created a new ID, you can readily download and install the application on your iOS phones. The ultimate thing that you need to do after the Pokemon Go app gets official in your location is to log back with your Apple ID and get the app reinstalled.

Pokemon Go app for Android

Hello, everyone! I’m sure you all have heard about the launch of the latest free-to-play gaming app Pokemon Go. The Pokemon Go app has been developed by Niantic and has received an official launch in the gaming market of NewZealand, Australia, and the US. This super exciting hunting game has been composed by Junichi Masuda. The game is available in both single and multi-player modes. Crafted for both Android and iOS platforms, Pokemon Go app has already received a thumbs up from its users. Aren’t you interested to know the story behind the development of this gameplay? In the next column, I have penned down a brief description of the history of this app.

The story behind Pokemon Go app:

Pokemon Go appSatoru Iwata of Nintendo and Tsunekazu Ishihara of the Pokemon Company conceived the idea of this game on 1st April 2013. After a couple of years, Ishihara announced the game on 10th September to Iwata. Unfortunately, it was a posthumous announcement as Iwata had already breathed his last a couple of months back. Niantic laid the announcement of a Japan-led beta test which scattered through Australia, New Zealand on 7th April. On 16th May, the US joined the beta test. Although the gameplay has received the official download status in only three countries, there lies huge strain on its server. Thanks to the escalating popularity of this game. What we get to hear is that the release of the game has been stalled in other countries for the time-being as the engineers are busy in fixing the server issues.

Characteristic features of the Pokemon Go app:

Pokemon Go app

This particular gaming app is infused with certain interesting features that have made the game gain popularity within such a short span. Let’s take a look at some of these interesting features:

The inclusion of Pokestops and Gyms- These are original locations meant for the players to collect items and battle out the creatures that are abandoned by other trainers.

Scope for interaction for players- The updated version which is only a few days old provides the players an opportunity to interact with each other both in the virtual and real world.

The presence of scoreboard– The mobile version of this game marks the presence of a global scoreboard. The scoreboard will let the players keep a track of the scores and position of the other players.

An improved augmented reality technology- The game boasts of an improved augmented reality technology. This technology makes use of the phone camera to give the feeling that Pokemon is available at your home, riding your bus etc.

How to play Pokemon Go?

This game allows you to fight, capture, train and trade the false Pokemon who marks its presence throughout the real world. In order to start the game, you need to first create an account for yourself. You can choose your get-up on the basis of gender, hair, skin colour, and costume. Your avatar will be made available at your current location.The location also includes Pokstops and gyms at popular meeting joints like places of worship, markets etc. You need to move around the entire location in order to move your avatar. While encountering a Pokemon, you can either view it in the Augmented Reality mode or with the help of a pre-rendered background. In order to capture a Pokemon, you need to throw a ball at it with the correct force and at the correct time. On successful capturing a wild Pokemon, you will be awarded candies and stardust.

Download Pokemon Go app on Android:

As I have already mentioned previously that this gaming app has been officially released only in Australia, New Zealand, and the US. The game is not available at the Google Play Store for Android users. What you need to do is to download the apk file of this gaming app and get it installed from the external sources of your Android phone.

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How to Download Pokemon Go gaming app?

In my previous article, I had spoken about the apk version of the Pokemon Go gaming app. Since the gameplay has not been made official at the Google Play Store, there are many who have gone completely clueless about the ways to download Pokemon Go in their devices. Developed by Nintendo, this free-to-play gaming app is the first and foremost introduction into the world of reality apps. The gameplay that has been institutionalized on 6th July has found its place only in Australia, New Zealand, and in the US. So it has been made official in the play stores of these countries. But, there are many who are on the lookout for methods to download Pokemon Go.

Download Pokemon Go

Download Pokemon Go on your Android devices:

You wouldn’t need to worry about installing this gaming app on your Android gadget if you would have been a resident of the US, Australia, or New Zealand. Since the gameplay is officially made available in these locations, you can easily get it downloaded on your Android and iOS Phones. Well, does that mean that people residing outside these locations would be temporarily barred from getting the app installed? Not at all! There lie certain innovative methods to download the app. If you are residing in a country where the Pokemon Go app hasn’t been made official, just download the apk file. Now, you must be wondering as to how to download the apk file of this gameplay. It’s easy. Just follow these steps:

  • First of all, you need to allow your Android gadgets download and run applications from external sources. In doing so you should be extra cautious. Make sure that you are installing the right kind of file.
  • Move on to the Settings option from the Home Screen of your phone.
  • Come to the Security option. If you scroll down, you will get to see an option which says “Unknown Sources.” Tap on it in order to enable this external source.
  • Next, you need to download the apk file of Pokemon Go.
  • Make sure you have an Android set which is of and from 4.0 version.
  • After the download is over, navigate to the notification area to get the gaming app installed in your device.
  • Congratulations! The game has been successfully installed on your device.

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Download Pokemon Go

Download Pokemon Go for your iOS devices:

Apart from Android devices, there are many who use iPhones. Luckily, the gaming app is available at the App Store. But, then if you are a resident of a location where the downloading of this gaming application hasn’t been made official, then you need to get it downloaded separately. Follow these steps and get Pokemon Go app installed in your iPhones.

  • Firstly, you need to log out of your Apple ID. It’s very important for you to make your iPhone believe that you are present in such a location that allows you to install the game.
  • In order to sign out from your Apple ID, you need to visit the Settings of your iPhone. Click on the “Apple ID” followed by “sign out”.
  • The next step will require you to play a trick on your iPhone. For this, you need to get back to the Settings option followed by General. You will get an option to select your language and location. Set the location as Australia, New Zealand, or the US.
  • Go to the App Store and look for Pokemon Go. In certain cases, your iPhone might disagree to choose a free application to download. If such a case arises, then it’s a good idea to create a new Apple ID. Make sure that while creating a new Apple ID, you should opt for an Australian, New Zealand or US address. Don’t know any? Google is there at your service!
  • Finally, your iPhone is ready to install the gaming app. You can always log back with your Apple ID once the Pokemon Go app gets an official authority in your location. 

Pokemon Go apk 0.29.0

Pokemon Go or Pokemon GO, by whichever you may refer to is a mobile-based game crafted by Niantic for Android and iOS users. For the time being the gameplay is available to only a handful of countries namely The US, Australia, and New Zealand. News has it that the developers have barred all the gamers outside the periphery of the beta testing region. This free-to-play gaming app witnessed the light of the day on 6th July 2016. The game lets the players fight, capture, train and trade the virtual Pokemon who has marked his presence throughout the real world. It’s true that the game is free to play, but it requires certain in-app purchases. What we get to hear is that an optional wearable device named Pokemon Go Plus will be available in the near future. Well, it seems that you are a bit clueless about this device. Never mind. I’m here to clear your confusion.

Pokemon GoPokemon Go Plus:

It’s basically a Bluetooth enabled low energy wearable device. It helps the player to walk through the game without the need to look after their smart phones. It sends out notifications to the gamer whenever the virtual Pokemon is nearby. The Pokemon Go Plus device will be made available to the gamers sometimes in the month of July. However, in order to avail this feature, the player needs to make a separate purchase.

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Download Pokemon Go apk 0.29.0:

Pokemon Go

The current apk version of this free-to-play game, i.e. 0.29.0 is readily available. You can easily get it downloaded from here. No need to worry about your pocket as it’s free to download. Sometimes it may happen that a certain version of a game is not available at the Google Play Store. Currently, the Pokemon Go gaming app has not been made official at the Google Play Store. During such cases, you need to install games and software from unknown sources. I’m sure that you are aware of the fact that your Android models have an option titled “unknown sources”. You need to make sure that the unknown sources are enabled. This feature allows you to extract the apk files of games and features from other sources.

Steps to enable “Unknown Sources”

  • Enabling the “unknown sources” in your Android devices is quite an easy process. You just need to follow these simple steps:
  • Go to the Settings option from the Home screen of your phone.
  • Tap on Security followed by Device administration.
  • Get the “unknown sources” checked.


Download YouTube app on your Android phones

I suppose you all are aware of the global video-sharing website YouTube. It has such a huge fan following across the globe that I don’t think so it requires any formal introduction. However in short and simple words, YouTube is a global video-sharing platform headquartered at San Bruno, California. The YouTube platform was established on 14th February 2005. The contents that are publicized on this platform are mostly put up by individuals. However, certain media corporate giants like BBC, Hulu, and entertainment channels like MTV, Channel V also promote certain segments of their TV series. The YouTube platform mostly focusses on popular video clips of movies, songs, TV soaps, animes etc. The list is endless.

Accessibility to Youtube:

Gaining access to this online video-sharing platform is quite easy. This website bestows you with the daily dose of entertainment. From movies, songs to cartoons, this site has it all. However, there are many of you whose access to this entertainment site is limited to only laptops and PCs. Even if you possess a smartphone, it might happen that the app is not installed in it. Won’t it be nice if you could install it on your Android sets? Well, if you can get this application installed on your Android phones and tablets, I’m sure the boredom of bus and train travel won’t bother you much. You can enjoy your favourite content whenever you feel like. You don’t need to depend on your desktops.



A cleaner layout- The layout of this video-sharing platform has been given a much cleaner representation. The upgraded version has been cleared off all the junk comments. Now, you won’t be bothered with those spammy comments that keep on creating a hindrance between you and the video. 

Issuing of subscription notification- Good news for the die-hard fans of entertainment channels. Now you can stay updated with the subscription notifications that will be issued by YouTube to you. So from now you won’t be missing out on your favourite shows. 

Home Tab for personal recommendations- You can always browse through the home tab for your personal recommendations. 

YouTube is kept updated- This video-sharing platform doesn’t let you miss out on anything new. You can always get to see fresh content from your favourite soaps and films. 

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 The inclusion of the new type of cards- There’s no reason to think that this platform is meant for common people like you and me. Of course, you can create your own video and get it uploaded over here. The updated YouTube has introduced some new cards which will help you to get your content promoted on a wider scale, will help to raise funds and merchandise. The new card that has been created is termed as the Channel Card. It helps you to link the videos to other channels so that your creation gets promoted on a broader stage.


Lean Back- It has been a very recent incident that this video sharing platform has introduced this brand new feature of lean back. This feature allows you to enjoy your desired content at the tap of your finger. Such contents are mostly the previous ones which you have already watched. So there lies no need to hunt for newer videos. You just can “lean back” and enjoy! 

YouTube Charts- Ok, now this is a special addition to this video-sharing platform. The selected videos are arranged in the form of charts. The arrangement of the videos is done on the basis of views. The maximum number of views get the maximum popularity and hence are placed at the top of the charts.

Edit your own videos- You can now upload and edit your own video with the help of filters and doodles. Give a boost to your creativity by creating a different video altogether. The good news is that the above-mentioned feature is present in the updated YouTube app.

YouTube app Download:

The upgraded version of the YouTube application is available at the Google Play Store for Android user. Just search for the app ob the search button and get it installed for free on your Android sets.

Line of Caution:

Sometimes the upgraded version of this application just lags a lot which might create a hindrance for you. Else the YouTube application is just too good to use.


Get the Badoo dating app on your Android

Are you on the search for a multitasking application where you can chat, make friends, share content and even can go for a date?  Well, if that is the case then Badoo is the best and appropriate app for you. With over 317 million users, it is an app that had been crafted by Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev in 2006. Headquartered in Soho, London, this dating-focused site functions in almost 180 countries. Speaking about the popularity of this site, it’s a household name in countries like Spain, Italy, France, and Latin America.

BadooHow does Badoo work?

In order to kick-start with this social networking cum dating application, you need to first create your account on this website. Signing up for this service is quite easy. Just type and you will be directed to the official page of the website. If you are an existing member, you can easily fill in the required details and start with the app. But, for new members, you need to fill in certain spaces.

  • You need to put in your first name
  • The next step is to fill in your birthday details.
  • Give your location and choose your gender.
  • In the next step, you need to state the reason of your account creation on this website.
  • Finally, click on the “Sign Up” button.

Once you become a member of Badoo, you will be welcomed with a  couple of interesting games like encounter game and people nearby. In encounter game, you can get matched with other Badoo users. It’s one of the best ways to initiate conversation. Secondly in the people nearby game, you won’t get to know the exact location of the users, but what you’ll get to know are their common interests.


Features of Badoo:

  • It is a freemium service. If you are a basic user, then the services are free for you.
  • In order to unlock the premium features of this dating application, you need to pay for the premium services. The premium services come for Rs. 62.90 at the Google Play Store for Android devices. So if you want to download the Premium services, get the app downloaded from the store.
  • Other than dating, the Badoo app allows you to chat, upload videos and pictures.
  • There are features titled as the “Search” feature and “People Nearby” feature. The former feature lets you search for people from different parts of the city and world, whereas, the latter one allows you to search within a closer interface. There’s another feature titled the Encounter feature. In this feature, you can give a right or a wrong sign to your desired choice.
  • If you have availed of the premium service, the website gives you some extra feature like the Rise Up feature. In this feature, you need to pay some extra bucks so that your profile gets the maximum availability.
  • There’s an interesting feature titled as “Secret comments” feature. However, this feature is meant only for women. So if you are a female user, you can leave comments for those men with whom you had spoken.
  • The in-app purchases can range from Rs. 69.99 to Rs.6,300.

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Cons of using the Badoo app on Android devices:

  • The older version is better than the current version. There are many who had updated the Badoo app to the present version but have met with serious difficulties. The updated version is simply not allowing to see other’s profile pictures. 
  • The app doesn’t always furnish your entire information. Sometimes it happens that after the saving procedure is complete, half of the information just gets wiped out.  

Download Procedure:

If you are seriously in love with this dating application, get it installed for free from the Google Play Store.

Dropbox for Android: Everything you need to know

Dropbox is considered as one of the most broadly used online cloud storage service. It is basically a file hosting service instrumented by the American Company Dropbox.Inc. This cloud storage service offers file synchronisation, cloud storage, personal cloud and client software. In plain and simple words, it is basically the place to keep videos, documents, files, and photos. The files and documents that are stored here are backed safely and you can easily get access to them from any device. The best part about this device is that you can easily send files from your Dropbox account to anyone, even if that person doesn’t possess any.

Characteristic features of Dropbox:


It is a simple, magical folder that synchronises everything you put up in this cloud storage service. Before 2007, file sharing and file syncing was such a tough thing to do. But, thanks to this wonderful app that has made these works quite simple. Well, you must be surprised if you dig into the characteristics of this application:

  • The application lets you edit Microsoft Office files from smartphones and tablets.
  • You can easily send large files to others and for that, you don’t require any email attachments. Moreover, there’s no need for the receiver to have any Dropbox account. 
  • Sharing this application’s folder is too easy a task. You just need to right-click on any file or folder and then send  an invitation to the concerned person to share the folder or just the link to the file. 
  • This app lets you add comments to your files. In order to do so, you just need to right-click on the desired file of the app’s folder and click on the comment option. In  order to check the application, you just need to open You will get to see a preview of the file with the comment box just adjacent to it.
  • Dropbox’s file preview tool comes as a handy feature for previewing tens and thousands of files on the online platform. You don’t require to install any external software for this. What you need is just a browser.
  • This cloud storage service offers you the quickest way possible to edit the Microsoft Office files for free on the online platform. It lets you edit the office files without downloading any copy from MS Office.

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Methods to get more storage space on your DropBox account:


You can always create an account in this magnificent cloud storage service. You can create an account by just visiting the official page and fill in the details. It’s free of cost. The free version comes with only 2GB storage space which I think is just not done for most of them. I’m sure that you must be looking out for ways to increase the storage space. Here are some innovative ideas which you can follow: 

  • If you can shell out money then definitely sign up for the Dropbox Pro account. It’s gonna give you a storage space worth of 1TB, which is actually a huge space for your files and folders. 
  • You can always refer your friends and family members. The app’s basic account will let you add 16GB storage space. The calculation goes like for every person, you’ll be getting 500MB space. 
  • On completion of five steps on the Get Started page, you are rewarded with a 250MB space.
  • If you can connect your social media handles to your Dropbox account, you can get up to 125MB for each of your social media profiles.
  • Say something about the services of Dropbox and there you are bestowed with another 125MB space.

Download Dropbox app from the Google Play Store:

As of 5th July 2016, this cloud storage service has been upgraded to version 10.2.4 . In order to download this version, you need Android versions of 4.1 and above that. Download the app from the Google Play Store for free. This Android application is easily available on the store.

Areas of improvement:

Dropbox is more or less a decent application, but the thing is that some extra clients are taking up more space than the actual files. Moreover, the application needs a thumbnail view option for folders and pictures. A password time-out would also be a better option. A fingerprint support is highly required.

Download Google Drive on your Android phones

You have just received an Excel Sheet at you email account and your boss is just going crazy about it! The sheet needs to be checked thoroughly with the required edits. You don’t have much time to spare. Gosh! It sounds really freaky. Hey. No need to worry. If you possess an Android phone, then I’m pretty sure that you have the Google Drive installed on your phone. If you don’t have one then this particular article will definite help you out.

Google Drive

What is Google Drive? 

It is a productive application which can be downloaded for free on your Android smartphones. The app is designed in such a manner that is completely applicable for the small screens of smartphones and tablets. No other place can be as safe as this drive. It serves as the best storage place for all your important documents, videos, pictures etc. It backs up your files in a safe and secure place. Once you have finished editing your work you can save the file and invite others to have a look at your work. They can also leave comments. So in the above-mentioned case, you can invite your boss to have a look at your work!

How is Google Drive beneficial?

Google DriveGoogle Drive helps you out in a number of ways. You can always avail the Google Drive for the following functions:

  • You can search for the needed files with the help of Name and Content.
  • You can store your files safely and can easily get hold of those files from anywhere.
  • Google drive makes sharing of files and folders quite easy
  • You can quickly go through your content.
  • Since you have backed up your confidential work in this drive, it’s quite obvious that you won’t allow anyone and everyone to have a look at your work. The Google Drive allows you to set the access levels i.e. it is you who will decide as to whom to allow to see and comment on your work.
  • The drive allows you to see the files even when you are offline. 
  • Sometimes you need to scan the paper documents. The Google Drive lets you do so with the help of the camera which is inbuilt in your Android smartphone.
  • Suppose you are creating any pictorial or video graphic document. You can get access to your desired photos and videos from Google Photos.

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Download Google Drive on your Android smartphone right now:

Google Drive is readily available on Google Play Store. Well, before getting the app installed on your smartphones, you should keep in mind that your Android set is above 2.0 version and above. There’s no fixed version of this application as it depends on the Android sets. The current Google Drive apk file has been released on 20th June and till now  around five lakh installations have already been made.  In order to download this app, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Visit the Google Play Store
  • Type Google Drive on the search button.
  • You will be provided with a list of Google Drive apps. Tap the first option.
  • Press the install button.
  • Get it downloaded on your phone.

Some Oops moments:

Not much, but the app definitely requires some improvement on its shortcut. The shortcut created for the Google Drive application doesn’t take you to the folder. Instead, it brings back to the folder which was left previously.

Star Wars Gaming App Review

If we go by the famous dialogue of the Bollywood blockbuster movie The Dirty Picture, we can recollect a scene where Silk Smita (Vidya Balan) tells out to the audience that there is only the need of Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment for the sustenance of a human being. In today’s work-driven world where people are turning out to be workaholics, entertainment plays a vital role. It can be either in the form of games, movies, songs etc to name a few.

Star Wars 

In today’s technical-driven world, terms such as smartphones, apps have become quite familiar. Our smartphones have become the ultimate destination for entertainment. The online market is bustling with new and updated applications, most of which are entertainment based. Candy Crush Saga, Talking Tom, Clash of Clans, Final Fantasy, Netflix, ShowBox, PlayBox and what not? It’s pretty difficult to name all entertainment applications in a single space as the list is endless. Watching films in theatres is slowly turning out to be obsolete as our smartphones have the way out. Adding on to this never-ending app list comes in another addition titled Star Wars.  

Star Wars: A full-proof review

I don’t think so there is any person left on this earth who hasn’t heard about Star Wars. It’s an epic space opera franchise created by George Lucas. The Star Wars Saga are segregated into saga films, anthology films and other films. The first film in the Star Wars series was released on 25th May 1977. From its very beginning, the film has turned out to be the favourite of all. Recently on 18th December, the world witnessed the release of the latest film of Star Wars which is  “The Force Awakens.” Well, the next film is supposed to hit the theatres on December this year.  

I can pretty understand the level of excitement hovering around the minds of the dedicated fans. Well, there’s still time left for the release.  I hope that they have already started using the Star Wars gaming apps that are available in the virtual market. Not only film, Star Wars has successfully created some super exciting gaming applications. Recently for the first time, I preferred to make use of this gaming app on my smartphone.

Star Wars

Star Wars app 

I downloaded the Star Wars app on my Android smartphone for free. The application is readily available on the Google Play Store. It’s true that it’s really easy to get the latest updates of this series from the various social networking handles, but having an entire application is something that I had wanted. This particular app keeps me updated with the latest news, videos, historical trivia etc.

Star Wars: Uprising

Crafted by movie specialist Kabam, the Uprising stands for the latest addition to Star Wars saga. The speciality of this application is that that it bridges the gap between the VI and VII episodes of the series. Although, it’s available for free at the Google Play Store, it contains some in-app purchase.

Star Wars Scene Maker

Now this particular app was something which I liked the most. It was a creative app that let me create my favourite scene from Star Wars with my favourite characters. In order to give it an exciting get-up, I designed it with music with dialogues being articulated by myself. 

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

It was basically a PC and console game way back in 2003. Now, the game has made a faithful return on the smartphones platform. The game is best enjoyed on tablets rather than on smartphones. It gives the ultimate freedom to choose our own party and path.

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The Bottom Line:

Frankly speaking, if I sit down to pen down about all the latest features one by one, it’s going to take a hell lot time. What I have done is that I have given my honest reviews about these applications that I have used personally.  If You have still not used these apps, go on and get it downloaded from the play store.

Looking for Android Games? You can try out these

Owning smartphones and tablets has become the order of the day. From being status symbols, these gadgets have now emerged as products of necessity. So much so that we basically depend on them for everything under the sky. The younger generation has engrossed themselves in these gadgets to such an extent that they are almost on the verge of forgetting outdoor games like cricket and football. Well, speaking about the ills of mobile games would definitely turn this article towards a different avenue which is not my plan. Today, I’m here to give you all a full-fledged guide on some of the best Android Games that you should have on your Android sets.

The Google Play Store is teeming with varied categories of Android Games. Well, there can’t be any question regarding the authenticity of these games. But, what you need to know is that you can’t download each and every game which is available on this platform. First of all, you can’t be sure that the games would be going down well with your gadgets. Secondly, you should be sure about the techniques to play the game. So here I present you a list of Android Games that would be appropriate for your phones and tabs.

Android Games   

Best Android Games: Just for you!

Android Games

Clash of Clans: This particular Android Game has reached a gigantic position when it comes to popularity. Developed by Supercell, that game had been introduced on the Android and iOS platforms in 2012 and 2013 respectively. It is a multiplayer game where you need to build a community and attack your contenders in order to get bag gold, Dark Elixir and Elixir. The game has been upgraded to its latest version and is readily available on the Google Play Store. The best part is that you can download it for free. Before you opt to download this game, make sure that you have an Android set which is of 4.0.3 and above. Well, it may happen that you need to infuse certain extra features which will help you to play the game with utmost ease. In order to bring in those extra features, you will be required to shell out a few bucks.

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Android Games

Final Fantasy IX: Crafted by Hironobu Sakaguchi and developed and owned by Square Enix, Final Fantasy stands for a science-fiction and fantasy media franchise. Since its inception in 1987, Final Fantasy has produced its XVth version in 2016. But if I am asked that which series has turned out to be the best, I would definitely opt for Final Fantasy IX. The file size for this game is pretty big and you would surely feel a pinch in your pocket as it comes for $12.99. For Indian customers, the game would cost you up to Rs.877.50. Final Fantasy boasts of some great features which will surely urge you to download this Android game on your smartphones. Firstly, the graphics have been upgraded to a better version, secondly, a virtual D-pad has been added that pops up on screen. Thirdly, some new boosters have been added like fast-forward, maximum money and maximum damage. 

Marvel Avengers Academy- The Marvel Avengers Academy comprises of some of the outstanding characters like Hulk, Captain America, The Black Widow, Iron Man and Thor. These super characters are under the guidance of Nick Fury. These Marvel heroes are under strenuous training to fight against Hydra. As of 1st July 2016, the upgraded version comes with a new twist. Spider-Man will be joining the Avengers Academy. The superhero has been accused of all the crimes going around NYC. He has collaborated with the avengers to unveil the truth and to set himself free from all forms of accusations. Get yourself this wonderful game for free on your smartphones by downloading from the Google Play Store.

Asphalt 8: Airborne-  Are you someone who are into racing games and is a staunch supporter of such type of games? Then Asphalt 8: Airborne stands out to be the apt game for you. It’s a full proof racing game with stunning graphics and tens and thousands of cars to unlocks and tracks to race. This Android Game is characterised with multiple online modes that allow you to compete with your friends, strangers and make it something more exciting. You can easily avail for this racing game on the Google Play Store for free. However, if you want a cut throat competition with your competitors, you should opt for the in-app purchase. The in-app products range from a minimal amount of Rs.10 to Rs.6200 per item.

Android Games

Call of Champions- The game allows for a face-off between you and other teammates. In this game, there are three members who are set to have a face-off. Each team are given a fair chance to destroy other team’s base. The game is really quick as each team gets only 5-minutes to destroy the base. The game comes for free on the Google Play Store, but if you are in want of more characters, there’s always the option for the in-app purchase. The game features about 15 champions with the latest and innovative talent trees. It’s a real-time multiplayer battle player on your Android gadgets.

The Last Line: 

Well, I have tried my level best to bring forth some of the best Android games which you can install on your smartphones. I won’t say that this it. Of course, there are hell lot games that get updated and introduced in the app store on a daily basis. But, there has to be something best, and I found these games the best of the lot. If you haven’t downloaded, do install it right away. Happy Gaming!