Download Google Drive on your Android phones

You have just received an Excel Sheet at you email account and your boss is just going crazy about it! The sheet needs to be checked thoroughly with the required edits. You don’t have much time to spare. Gosh! It sounds really freaky. Hey. No need to worry. If you possess an Android phone, then I’m pretty sure that you have the Google Drive installed on your phone. If you don’t have one then this particular article will definite help you out.

Google Drive

What is Google Drive? 

It is a productive application which can be downloaded for free on your Android smartphones. The app is designed in such a manner that is completely applicable for the small screens of smartphones and tablets. No other place can be as safe as this drive. It serves as the best storage place for all your important documents, videos, pictures etc. It backs up your files in a safe and secure place. Once you have finished editing your work you can save the file and invite others to have a look at your work. They can also leave comments. So in the above-mentioned case, you can invite your boss to have a look at your work!

How is Google Drive beneficial?

Google DriveGoogle Drive helps you out in a number of ways. You can always avail the Google Drive for the following functions:

  • You can search for the needed files with the help of Name and Content.
  • You can store your files safely and can easily get hold of those files from anywhere.
  • Google drive makes sharing of files and folders quite easy
  • You can quickly go through your content.
  • Since you have backed up your confidential work in this drive, it’s quite obvious that you won’t allow anyone and everyone to have a look at your work. The Google Drive allows you to set the access levels i.e. it is you who will decide as to whom to allow to see and comment on your work.
  • The drive allows you to see the files even when you are offline. 
  • Sometimes you need to scan the paper documents. The Google Drive lets you do so with the help of the camera which is inbuilt in your Android smartphone.
  • Suppose you are creating any pictorial or video graphic document. You can get access to your desired photos and videos from Google Photos.

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Download Google Drive on your Android smartphone right now:

Google Drive is readily available on Google Play Store. Well, before getting the app installed on your smartphones, you should keep in mind that your Android set is above 2.0 version and above. There’s no fixed version of this application as it depends on the Android sets. The current Google Drive apk file has been released on 20th June and till now  around five lakh installations have already been made.  In order to download this app, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Visit the Google Play Store
  • Type Google Drive on the search button.
  • You will be provided with a list of Google Drive apps. Tap the first option.
  • Press the install button.
  • Get it downloaded on your phone.

Some Oops moments:

Not much, but the app definitely requires some improvement on its shortcut. The shortcut created for the Google Drive application doesn’t take you to the folder. Instead, it brings back to the folder which was left previously.

Star Wars Gaming App Review

If we go by the famous dialogue of the Bollywood blockbuster movie The Dirty Picture, we can recollect a scene where Silk Smita (Vidya Balan) tells out to the audience that there is only the need of Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment for the sustenance of a human being. In today’s work-driven world where people are turning out to be workaholics, entertainment plays a vital role. It can be either in the form of games, movies, songs etc to name a few.

Star Wars 

In today’s technical-driven world, terms such as smartphones, apps have become quite familiar. Our smartphones have become the ultimate destination for entertainment. The online market is bustling with new and updated applications, most of which are entertainment based. Candy Crush Saga, Talking Tom, Clash of Clans, Final Fantasy, Netflix, ShowBox, PlayBox and what not? It’s pretty difficult to name all entertainment applications in a single space as the list is endless. Watching films in theatres is slowly turning out to be obsolete as our smartphones have the way out. Adding on to this never-ending app list comes in another addition titled Star Wars.  

Star Wars: A full-proof review

I don’t think so there is any person left on this earth who hasn’t heard about Star Wars. It’s an epic space opera franchise created by George Lucas. The Star Wars Saga are segregated into saga films, anthology films and other films. The first film in the Star Wars series was released on 25th May 1977. From its very beginning, the film has turned out to be the favourite of all. Recently on 18th December, the world witnessed the release of the latest film of Star Wars which is  “The Force Awakens.” Well, the next film is supposed to hit the theatres on December this year.  

I can pretty understand the level of excitement hovering around the minds of the dedicated fans. Well, there’s still time left for the release.  I hope that they have already started using the Star Wars gaming apps that are available in the virtual market. Not only film, Star Wars has successfully created some super exciting gaming applications. Recently for the first time, I preferred to make use of this gaming app on my smartphone.

Star Wars

Star Wars app 

I downloaded the Star Wars app on my Android smartphone for free. The application is readily available on the Google Play Store. It’s true that it’s really easy to get the latest updates of this series from the various social networking handles, but having an entire application is something that I had wanted. This particular app keeps me updated with the latest news, videos, historical trivia etc.

Star Wars: Uprising

Crafted by movie specialist Kabam, the Uprising stands for the latest addition to Star Wars saga. The speciality of this application is that that it bridges the gap between the VI and VII episodes of the series. Although, it’s available for free at the Google Play Store, it contains some in-app purchase.

Star Wars Scene Maker

Now this particular app was something which I liked the most. It was a creative app that let me create my favourite scene from Star Wars with my favourite characters. In order to give it an exciting get-up, I designed it with music with dialogues being articulated by myself. 

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

It was basically a PC and console game way back in 2003. Now, the game has made a faithful return on the smartphones platform. The game is best enjoyed on tablets rather than on smartphones. It gives the ultimate freedom to choose our own party and path.

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The Bottom Line:

Frankly speaking, if I sit down to pen down about all the latest features one by one, it’s going to take a hell lot time. What I have done is that I have given my honest reviews about these applications that I have used personally.  If You have still not used these apps, go on and get it downloaded from the play store.

Looking for Android Games? You can try out these

Owning smartphones and tablets has become the order of the day. From being status symbols, these gadgets have now emerged as products of necessity. So much so that we basically depend on them for everything under the sky. The younger generation has engrossed themselves in these gadgets to such an extent that they are almost on the verge of forgetting outdoor games like cricket and football. Well, speaking about the ills of mobile games would definitely turn this article towards a different avenue which is not my plan. Today, I’m here to give you all a full-fledged guide on some of the best Android Games that you should have on your Android sets.

The Google Play Store is teeming with varied categories of Android Games. Well, there can’t be any question regarding the authenticity of these games. But, what you need to know is that you can’t download each and every game which is available on this platform. First of all, you can’t be sure that the games would be going down well with your gadgets. Secondly, you should be sure about the techniques to play the game. So here I present you a list of Android Games that would be appropriate for your phones and tabs.

Android Games   

Best Android Games: Just for you!

Android Games

Clash of Clans: This particular Android Game has reached a gigantic position when it comes to popularity. Developed by Supercell, that game had been introduced on the Android and iOS platforms in 2012 and 2013 respectively. It is a multiplayer game where you need to build a community and attack your contenders in order to get bag gold, Dark Elixir and Elixir. The game has been upgraded to its latest version and is readily available on the Google Play Store. The best part is that you can download it for free. Before you opt to download this game, make sure that you have an Android set which is of 4.0.3 and above. Well, it may happen that you need to infuse certain extra features which will help you to play the game with utmost ease. In order to bring in those extra features, you will be required to shell out a few bucks.

For more information on Clash of Clans read our article Download Clash of Clans on Android phones.

Android Games

Final Fantasy IX: Crafted by Hironobu Sakaguchi and developed and owned by Square Enix, Final Fantasy stands for a science-fiction and fantasy media franchise. Since its inception in 1987, Final Fantasy has produced its XVth version in 2016. But if I am asked that which series has turned out to be the best, I would definitely opt for Final Fantasy IX. The file size for this game is pretty big and you would surely feel a pinch in your pocket as it comes for $12.99. For Indian customers, the game would cost you up to Rs.877.50. Final Fantasy boasts of some great features which will surely urge you to download this Android game on your smartphones. Firstly, the graphics have been upgraded to a better version, secondly, a virtual D-pad has been added that pops up on screen. Thirdly, some new boosters have been added like fast-forward, maximum money and maximum damage. 

Marvel Avengers Academy- The Marvel Avengers Academy comprises of some of the outstanding characters like Hulk, Captain America, The Black Widow, Iron Man and Thor. These super characters are under the guidance of Nick Fury. These Marvel heroes are under strenuous training to fight against Hydra. As of 1st July 2016, the upgraded version comes with a new twist. Spider-Man will be joining the Avengers Academy. The superhero has been accused of all the crimes going around NYC. He has collaborated with the avengers to unveil the truth and to set himself free from all forms of accusations. Get yourself this wonderful game for free on your smartphones by downloading from the Google Play Store.

Asphalt 8: Airborne-  Are you someone who are into racing games and is a staunch supporter of such type of games? Then Asphalt 8: Airborne stands out to be the apt game for you. It’s a full proof racing game with stunning graphics and tens and thousands of cars to unlocks and tracks to race. This Android Game is characterised with multiple online modes that allow you to compete with your friends, strangers and make it something more exciting. You can easily avail for this racing game on the Google Play Store for free. However, if you want a cut throat competition with your competitors, you should opt for the in-app purchase. The in-app products range from a minimal amount of Rs.10 to Rs.6200 per item.

Android Games

Call of Champions- The game allows for a face-off between you and other teammates. In this game, there are three members who are set to have a face-off. Each team are given a fair chance to destroy other team’s base. The game is really quick as each team gets only 5-minutes to destroy the base. The game comes for free on the Google Play Store, but if you are in want of more characters, there’s always the option for the in-app purchase. The game features about 15 champions with the latest and innovative talent trees. It’s a real-time multiplayer battle player on your Android gadgets.

The Last Line: 

Well, I have tried my level best to bring forth some of the best Android games which you can install on your smartphones. I won’t say that this it. Of course, there are hell lot games that get updated and introduced in the app store on a daily basis. But, there has to be something best, and I found these games the best of the lot. If you haven’t downloaded, do install it right away. Happy Gaming!  

Download Clash of Clans on your Android gadgets

I suppose there’s hardly anyone left who hasn’t played the multiplayer game Clash Of Clans. It has been almost three years that the game has been instrumented by Supercell and I must say that Clash Of Clans has managed to maintain a  top position till now. The game had been released both on the Android and iOS platforms in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Speaking about myself, I’m a die-hard fan of this game and has been playing this game for the last couple of years. Although the multiplayer game has made a place for itself in the gaming zone, there are many who are still alien to this game. So today, I’m here to give you the detailed whereabouts of this game.

Clash Of Clans 

Clash of Clans: Its inception

Developed and published by Supercell, it is a freemium mobile MMO strategised video game. It is a virtual multiplayer game in which the players need to setup a community and attack the opponent players to get hold of gold,elixir,and dark elixir. The game is characterised by a pseudo-single player campaign. This particular campaign allows the players to attack a series of fortified goblin villages in order to earn gold and elixir.

Characteristic features of this game:

The multiplayer game has some of the magnificent characteristics which make it unique and helps to stand out in the crowd. Let’s have a look at some of these characteristics:

Clash Of Clans

  • You can create your own army consisting of Barbarians, Archers, Wizards, Hog Riders, Dragons and other powerful fighters.
  • Set up and transform your village into an unbeatable fortress.
  • You can build around 20 different types of units with proper upgradations.
  • The game gives you innumerable options to discover your favourite attacking army. You can always choose your combination from the varied combinations of troops, spells, and heroes.
  • You can defend your village by making use of Towers, Cannons, Mortars, Bombs etc.

Clash of Clans gives you freedom to take forward the game according to your will:

Well, to all the first timers, there’s no reason to think that the game is difficult to play and it’s a complete rocket science. No. Instead, this gameplay gives you the utmost freedom to progress according to your own wish, provided you don’t tamper with the rules of the game. There are lots of towers and units in this game. Basically, there’s no none to tell you as to what to do and how to prosper with the game. You are your own master. You can either have a stiff fight with your enemies or you can continue to build up your own village into a powerful fortified castle so that your contenders feel it difficult to reach you. The game gives you fair options to mix and match your own troops, create your own fighting strategies. You can also design your own base layouts. In plain and simple words, Clash of Clans is infused with interesting features and a friendly interface which make it a hit among the players. Personally speaking, this awesome game has helped me a lot in taking crucial decisions. Making strategies in this game has helped me in this process.

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Download Clash Of Clans from Google Play Store for free: 

I hope that I’ve been able to push in some interest about this game to those who haven’t played it yet. Good news is that Clash of Clans is readily available for Android devices at the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store comes in built on your Android devices, so it’s really easy to visit the site. Look for the game by typing Clash of Clans in the search button. You don’t need to hunt for it as the first option that surfaces is that of the game Clash of Clans developed by Supercell. Tap the install button and get it downloaded on your phone. It’s true that you can install the game for free but if you want the game to go for some serious upgradations, you have to shell out some money to get it upgraded.

Clash of Clans has been upgraded to 8.332.14 which requires Android sets of 4.0.3 version and more. So before installing this game, make sure that your Android phone is in the position to support the upgraded version.

Cleaning Master Review – An App to Boost Your Smartphone Speed

If you are an Android phone user, you must have experienced lags on your phone, no matter how powerful it is. Even if you have bought the latest flagship with killer specs, Android, and smartphones, in general, will slow down in the future (which is not too distant, by the way!). For that inevitable downfall, here is a new app that has come around in the Google Play Store, that will save our smartphones. The name of the app is Cleaning Master.

How does Cleaning Master work?

Cleaning Master is a one stop solution for all problems related to Android phone or tablet running. Its performance tuning ability makes your Android device run smooth and effortlessly. The app cleans RAM and all other junk files that clog the phone. A significant advantage is the fact that even after providing such useful services the Cleaning Master app is only 2 MB. It consumes much less memory space than other such big-name cleaning tools.

On top of RAM and junk file cleaning, the app comes with battery saver and internet connection refresher. The display is very simple and efficient. With a speedometer-like display consisting of three dials a Free Storage dial at the extreme left, the Memory Boost in the middle and the Used Storage at the extreme right. The background is green and beneath the dials are four more functions that the app undertakes, namely the Task Manager beneath which is the Battery Booster opposite to which is the Network Booster. The Junk Cleaner is nestled just above the Network Booster.

The RAM cleaner or Memory Booster function looks after all the background processes. It stops all non-essential processes thereby freeing memory and improving performance. The power drain is also curbed.

The responsiveness of the device and issues with lags and crashes is looked after by the Junk Cleaner. It scans all apps as well monitors junk files in the system and cache of the phone. With a single tap, it is cleaned leading to the phone being free and clear to provide optimum performance.

There is also the Task Manager, which is instrumental in helping the phone run without any obstacles. The Task Manager helps you take the running of the device in your own hands. You can manually kill off all processes and apps which are not needed and seriously hindering the phone’s performance.

Cleaning Master Verdict:

The Cleaning Master is the new app on the block that helps in running Android devices seamlessly. It is similar to all other cleaning apps especially the Clean Master but a crucial difference is that it accomplishes all the functions that it is supposed to while occupying very little space in the memory.

How to Download the Cleaning Master app:

If you are thinking this app is good enough to use then here are the simple steps to download and install it:

  1. Go to Google Play Store on your Android device. – Cleaning Master
  2. Type in the app name in full.
  3. Hit Search.
  4. Click on the app and download it.
  5. Install it.

As soon as you are done your phone will be up and running like never before. If you are facing issues with mobile data and cannot directly download on the phone, just download the Cleaning Master apk on your computer and then install it after sending the file to the device via USB cable or Bluetooth.