Star Wars Gaming App Review

If we go by the famous dialogue of the Bollywood blockbuster movie The Dirty Picture, we can recollect a scene where Silk Smita (Vidya Balan) tells out to the audience that there is only the need of Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment for the sustenance of a human being. In today’s work-driven world where people are turning out to be workaholics, entertainment plays a vital role. It can be either in the form of games, movies, songs etc to name a few.

Star Wars 

In today’s technical-driven world, terms such as smartphones, apps have become quite familiar. Our smartphones have become the ultimate destination for entertainment. The online market is bustling with new and updated applications, most of which are entertainment based. Candy Crush Saga, Talking Tom, Clash of Clans, Final Fantasy, Netflix, ShowBox, PlayBox and what not? It’s pretty difficult to name all entertainment applications in a single space as the list is endless. Watching films in theatres is slowly turning out to be obsolete as our smartphones have the way out. Adding on to this never-ending app list comes in another addition titled Star Wars.  

Star Wars: A full-proof review

I don’t think so there is any person left on this earth who hasn’t heard about Star Wars. It’s an epic space opera franchise created by George Lucas. The Star Wars Saga are segregated into saga films, anthology films and other films. The first film in the Star Wars series was released on 25th May 1977. From its very beginning, the film has turned out to be the favourite of all. Recently on 18th December, the world witnessed the release of the latest film of Star Wars which is  “The Force Awakens.” Well, the next film is supposed to hit the theatres on December this year.  

I can pretty understand the level of excitement hovering around the minds of the dedicated fans. Well, there’s still time left for the release.  I hope that they have already started using the Star Wars gaming apps that are available in the virtual market. Not only film, Star Wars has successfully created some super exciting gaming applications. Recently for the first time, I preferred to make use of this gaming app on my smartphone.

Star Wars

Star Wars app 

I downloaded the Star Wars app on my Android smartphone for free. The application is readily available on the Google Play Store. It’s true that it’s really easy to get the latest updates of this series from the various social networking handles, but having an entire application is something that I had wanted. This particular app keeps me updated with the latest news, videos, historical trivia etc.

Star Wars: Uprising

Crafted by movie specialist Kabam, the Uprising stands for the latest addition to Star Wars saga. The speciality of this application is that that it bridges the gap between the VI and VII episodes of the series. Although, it’s available for free at the Google Play Store, it contains some in-app purchase.

Star Wars Scene Maker

Now this particular app was something which I liked the most. It was a creative app that let me create my favourite scene from Star Wars with my favourite characters. In order to give it an exciting get-up, I designed it with music with dialogues being articulated by myself. 

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

It was basically a PC and console game way back in 2003. Now, the game has made a faithful return on the smartphones platform. The game is best enjoyed on tablets rather than on smartphones. It gives the ultimate freedom to choose our own party and path.

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The Bottom Line:

Frankly speaking, if I sit down to pen down about all the latest features one by one, it’s going to take a hell lot time. What I have done is that I have given my honest reviews about these applications that I have used personally.  If You have still not used these apps, go on and get it downloaded from the play store.